Writing Update

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been quiet for awhile, but that is for good reason… I have been spending most of my time working on Legends of Annun: The Messenger of Darnath – Origins of Jaykiren Blackshield, which is off for second round of beta reading right now! I am planning on having another round of betas this winter and hopefully it will be ready to query next year. If you are interested in being a beta, please feel free to contact me via the form on my Services page.

I am still querying Legends of Annun: The Godstones – Book 1 of the Sylex Meadowbrooke Chronicles, but haven’t sent out many lately. I’m planning on getting back on it soon, however.

In addition, Tales From the Year Between: Volume 1 – Acthen Tan, Land of Dust and Bone is currently on schedule to be released in August. My shorts, Soar and Rrekwe’m of Blood will be featured in this issue.

Keep writing!

Allison M

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