SkullWriteV2 Prompt 1

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, I have thrown my hat into the ring to be a contributor to Tales From the Year Between, Volume 2. This week, Skull Gate Media is doing a Twitter prompt challenge with the tag #SkullWriteV2 for anyone interested in Volume 2. It is not a mandatory part of the application process, just a fun game! So, without further ado, here is my first response to #Prompt1 yesterday.

Prompt 1: A piece of fruit and a sentient robot.

The little girl frowned as she watched the human boy bite into a crip apple, the juices dripping down his chin.

“Mama, why can’t we have one?”

“Because they need to ration resources, sweetie.”


“Because unlike us, they’ll die when the food runs out.”

(See original Tweet here.)

I will be posting #Prompt2 right after this!

Keep writing,

Allison N. Moore

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