SkullWriteV2 Prompt 7

#SkullWriteV2 Prompt 7: black hole

#achtenwrite prompt: pleach

“What do you think’ll happen if we throw this #pleach into that black hole?”
Jessica shrugs. “I dunno. Let’s find out.” Snatching the hybrid fruit, she shoves it into the airlock, then launches it into the swirling abyss.
1,787 Light-years away…

(See original Tweet here.)

I hope everyone enjoyed this weeks prompts and responses. I had a lot of fun with them! This wraps up #SkullWriteV2, but I might try to do more #achtenwrite if I can. I won’t know until next week whether I will be in Tales From the Year Between, Volume 2, but I will definitely let you guys know when I find out!

Keep writing,

Allison N. Moore

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