NaNoWriMo 2020 Journal Day 3

Hello everyone! As you can imagine, I was pretty distracted today, so it wasn’t my best day for writing.

This morning I eeked out 422 words into War of Souls before heading to the gym. When I got home, I realized I should probably get to work trying to figure out what to write for my piece in the second volume of Tales From the Year Between.

Oh yeah! By the way, I meant to announce that I am officially a part of the Tales From the Year Between, Volume 2, but I forgot with all the craziness going on… sorry! But here I am now, telling you that I will indeed be contributing to another crazy anthology that will hopefully be available before spring next year.

After finally finishing AGT Season 15, I went right to work and added 276 words to a blank document. Whether or not those 276 words will actually end up being part of my final story is yet to be determined. But hey, it’s still words on a page!

I hope that tomorrow I manage to get a little higher word count, but I’ll take what I can get.

Keep writing,

Allison N. Moore

(NaNo username: authorallisonmoore)

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