Writing Update

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last update, so I figured I should fill you in. Unfortunately, I haven’t accomplished much, mainly due to going out of town for a week to visit family. However, I am still making good progress, with my current word count at almost 9k, well into chapter 3.

So far, I’ve managed to keep chapters around 3k, but this one will be a bit longer. This is another fun chapter, where my characters get into their first predicament after the inciting incident.

For me, the most fun part about this stage of writing is when I start discovering things about my characters and world that I didn’t work out 100% in world-building. Some people like to have every detail planned, but I find it comes easier to me if I just write. Sometimes, I even surprise myself, as evidenced in this Twitter DM exchange with my writing CP, Beta, and friend, Gregory Coley. (Who was clearly not surprised 🤣).

(You can check out Grego’s awesome author website here!)

Kian is one of my supporting characters. He’s 6’3″, with dreadlocks, a goatee, and golden runic tattoos covering most of his body. I hadn’t planned for him to be snarky at all. In fact, I originally envisioned him as too “honorable” to be much of a smart-ass, lol. But then, when I started writing him, he just came out that way, making subtle sassy comments towards others. Now, I could change him in my second draft, but I have a feeling subtly smart-ass Kian is here to stay. 🤣

I’ll try to update again in the next week or two. Wish me luck!

Keep writing,

Allison N Moore

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