Monthly Update

Hello again everybody! It seems like this last month went by so slow… Well, at least to me. But that is most likely because of how much trouble I had getting words on the page. As you may recall, I had hoped to wrap up my WIP by the end of September. Sadly, I did not meet that goal. However, I didn’t miss the mark by too far.

I started September at 65.5k and had hoped to reach 90k. Instead, I ended up at 87.3k. My average word count was a meager 760/day. Although, in truth, most of that writing was within the last week. On the 30th alone, I racked up a word count of 2.3k, which is one of my highest ever!

Despite missing my goal, I am fairly certain I will be wrapping up this WIP within the first week of October, as I only have one and a half chapters left!

So, hopefully, you will hear from me again very soon.

Wish me luck!

Keep writing,

Allison N Moore

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