Dragon WIP off to Betas!

Hello, everyone! I’m excited to share that my Dragon WIP is finally being sent off to the first round of beta readers!

If you’re wondering how beta reading works, basically it’s looking for any plot or character improvements. You’d be surprised how often a plot hole is staring a writer in the face, but it takes a set of outside eyes to see it! Beta readers also give valuable feedback from the point of view of a reader concerning overall enjoyment and pacing of the story. I have 3 people lined up to read this draft, and after I get feedback from all 3, I will do another round of revisions, either accepting their suggestions or deciding not to. Beta reading is extremely subjective, since it is just one person’s opinion, but more often than not there are at least a few things these readers catch that will improve the story. After I finish revisions, I will most likely send off to a few more readers and make MORE revisions before finally considering getting the story ready for querying agents.

Wish me luck!

Allison N Moore

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