Monthly Update

Today marks the first day of May, and with a fast-approaching deadline for my Egyptian myth retelling, that means it’s time to buckle down and get things done! This story has been trying to drag me down, stumping me more than once with a bout of writer’s block, but I’ve made decent progress (currently at ~7600 words) and am confident that I will get it done in time.

While this story has been a pain in the butt, it’s also been SO much fun to write. I’ve had the most fun with one character in particular. Those of you who know me well can probably guess which one. Yep… It’s the villain. In the original Egyptian myth, this is Set, the god of war and chaos. In my story, he certainly fits right into my beloved DDD (Dark Dangerous Dude) category.

Omar (Osiris) vs Seth (Set)

I can’t wait for you all to meet him and the rest of the cast. I’m unsure when exactly this anthology will be released, but my best guess is at some point this fall.

I haven’t made any progress on any of my novels this month, but the moment this short story is in the draft folder for the editor(s), I’ll be back at working on the second draft of War of Souls.

See you next month!

Keep writing,

Allison N Moore

P.S. While researching and seeking inspiration for my short story, I discovered the Shadow Strike series by Jason Kasper. I highly recommend them to anyone who loves military thrillers with spunky characters and crazy adventures.

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