Manuscript Critique Services Reopen in January

Looking for an affordable, yet in-depth critique of your manuscript? Well, look no further! After taking some time to work on my own projects, I decided it’s time to reopen my manuscript critique services January 1st, 2023. My critique includes in-document comments on your MS, along with a separate summary document. A few things I keep an eye out for are:

  • Plot Development Issues and Inconsistencies
    • Does the plot flow smoothly?
    • Is there any part of the story that is confusing or doesn’t seem to fit in?
    • Is there anything contradictory?
  • Character Development
    • Character Arcs
    • Do the characters seem realistic in their personalities, actions, etc.?
    • Do characters say or do anything out of character or that contradicts or repeats something else?
  • World Building
    • Does the world/setting feel realistic/authentic?
    • Do the basics of your world make sense in relation to your established rules (magic, sci-fi tech, etc)?
  • Anything that I feel might take away from your story
  • Things that I particularly enjoyed or found unique

Feel free to send me your own list or questionaire.

Please keep in mind that all feedback is subjective. I work with clients after they receive feedback to clarify any of my comments and suggestions or answer any further questions that were not addressed. I prefer adult Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Military Thrillers, and Paranormal Romance, though I am open to just about anything! I also prefer to work with Google Doc or Word.

I charge $0.001 per word (10k words = $10.00 USD). Typically, I am able to finish a critique in about two weeks, depending on length and my schedule. Sometimes, I can finish in just a few days. I am willing to work with writers on a budget, so feel free to message me to work out payment options. I typically divide into three payments, but I am willing to divide it further or make payment plans. I accept payments through PayPal and Venmo.

I am also willing to do a manuscript swap with my adult epic fantasy One With Dragons (which you can read more about here) with anyone interested in providing feedback of equivalent value.

If you are interested, please fill out the form on my Services page.

Spread the word!

Allison N Moore

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