Sounds from the Year Between Podcast

Hey everyone, I have some exciting news! A few contributors of Achten Tan: Land and Dust and Bone have put together a Podcast! The first episode is available now, with others planned in the near future. In this episode, you can hear more about the process behind creating the world of Achten Tan as well… Read More

Achten Tan Launch!

Today is the day! Achten Tan: Land of Dust and Bone is now finally available as ebook and paperback through Amazon and Barnes & Noble! You also may be able to find it at any local bookstore. If they don’t carry it on their shelves, you can always request one! It has been quite the… Read More

Writing Update

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been quiet for awhile, but that is for good reason… I have been spending most of my time working on Legends of Annun: The Messenger of Darnath – Origins of Jaykiren Blackshield, which is off for second round of beta reading right now! I am planning on having another round… Read More