Manuscript Critique

With this service, I will provide you with insights and feedback that pertains to your story through the eyes of a reader and a writer. My completed feedback/critique includes in-document comments on your MS, along with a separate summary document. A few specific things I keep an eye out for are:

  • Plot Development Issues and Inconsistencies
    • Does the plot flow smoothly?
    • Is there any part of the story that is confusing or doesn’t seem to fit in?
    • Is there anything condtradictory?
  • Character Development
    • Character Arcs
    • Do the characters seem realistic in their personalities, actions, etc?
    • Do characters say or do anything out of character or that contradicts or repeats something else?
  • World Building
    • Does the world/setting feel realistic/authentic?
    • Do the basics of your world make sense in relation to your established rules (magic, sci-fi tech, etc)?
  • Anything that I feel might take away from your story
  • Things that I particularly enjoyed or found unique

Feel free to send me your own list or questionaire.

Please keep in mind that all feedback is my personal opinion. I work with clients after they receive feedback to clarify any of my comments and suggestions or answer any further questions that were not addressed. I prefer New Adult and Adult Fantasy and Sci-Fi, though I am open to just about anything! I also prefer to work with Google Doc or Word.

Prices and Timetable

For basic Critique, I charge $0.001 per word (10k words = $10.00 USD). Typically, I am able to finish a completed manuscript in about a week or two depending on length and my schedule. Sometimes I can have a manuscript finished in just a few days. I am willing to work with writers on a budget, so feel free to message me to work out payment options. (I typically divide into three payments, but am willing to divide it further or make payment plans). I accept payments through PayPal and Venmo.

I am also willing to do a manuscript swap with anyone interested in providing feedback for my 96k dark romantic fantasy, Legends of Annun: The Messenger of Darnath – Origins of Jaykiren Blackshield (which you can read more about here).

Contact me for more info!

If you are interested in securing a booking, please include the following information:

  • Genre
  • Word Count
  • Pitch/blurb
  • Any other questions or concerns