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After generations of warfare against the ominous Swarm, the United Planetary Alliance settles on a desperate gambit—send a squad of Marines to steal one of the Swarm’s bio-organic battleships. However, it turns out the ship isn’t merely alive but fully sentient… and it has a mission of its own. As the ship leaps across the galaxy, dimensions, and eventually reality itself, the crew has a new goal—stay alive! Join Skullgate Media on an epic space-opera filled with sexy murder-queens, ring-planets, and freaking space-sharks, all fueled by psychedelic Vesuvian coffee and sixth-dimensional funk!

The short story featured in this anthology by Allison N. Moore is:


Trapped on a sentient ship, conspiracies abound. UPA Marine Kevin Renner is determined to uncover the truth, but the music in his head makes that easier said than done.