Seeking Representation

Legends of Annun: The Godstones – Book 1 of the Sylex Meadowbrooke Chronicles (Adult Epic Fantasy, 90k)

Lex escaped her controlling hometown with dreams of being more than the obedient wife they expect. But now, with a dangerous man from her past pursuing her and a prophecy claiming she is blessed by a goddess, she must unravel the truth to secure her freedom, and that of all mortal souls.

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Undergoing Revisions

One With Dragons (Adult Fantasy novel)

Aelenna, an exiled princess, and Cael, her dragon who has been turned human, fight to reclaim her throne and his dragon essence from a Deathweaver queen obsessed with obtaining immortality at any cost.

Update 8/1: Preparing query package!

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DUAT (Adult sci-fi Egyptian myth retelling short story)

Sci-fi Osiris and Isis myth retelling inspired by Altered Carbon x Upload.

Update 8/1: Waiting for edits

Legends of Annun: War of Souls – Book 2 of the Sylex Meadowbrooke Chronicles (Adult epic fantasy)

Update 8/1: 2nd draft with alpha reader!

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Adult paranormal romance.