Writing Update

Hi all! I’ve been silent for some time, but it is for good reason. I have been hard at work with another round of revisions for Legends of Annun: The Godstones (Book 1 of the Sylex Meadowbrooke Chronicles). Now that I have finished, I am planning on renewing my efforts in finding an agent. In the meantime, I have already begun attempting to roughly outline a new project. *Cue gasps*. That’s right, you heard me: this panster is trying her hand at plotting. So far, I’ve only vaguely outlined the first few chapters, but that’s more than I had when I started Godstones.

What about War of Souls and Messenger of Darnath, you might ask? Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about them. However, I have no plans of attempting revisions until I find an agent or a home for the first book. This wasn’t an easy decision, but I believe it is the best in order to pursue my dreams of traditionally publishing a novel some day (whether it be this series or not).

As for my new project, it is another adult fantasy novel along the lines of Game of Thrones x The Witcher, featuring dragon tamers, dragons turned to men, and a necromancer obsessed with eternal life.

Wish me luck and keep writing!

Allison N Moore

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