Monthly Update

Hello everybody! I’m excited to say that I’ve finally finished the first draft of my unnamed paranormal romance! However… it is far from done. As you may know, I’ve struggled with this story and recently I finally realized why: I chose the wrong main character. When I started, I thought I was writing a romance,… Read More

Monthly Update

Hello again everyone! This month I slowly chipped away at my supernatural romance, hitting 25.8k today. I only have a few more chapters left, but I am fairly certain I will be adding several chapters to draft 2. I considered going back and adding them now, but I wanted to try this method to keep… Read More

Monthly Update

Hello, everybody! I made good progress last month in my supernatural romance story. I previously referred to it as paranormal romance, but i realized that it is supernatural because it involves demons. Although I’m beginning to wonder if the true genre is actually romantic supernatural fantasy since the romance is sorta taking a back seat… Read More

Monthly Update

Sorry I’m late this month! I went on vacation and yesterday was the first day of school, so I didn’t have time to write a post. Honestly, though, there’s not a lot to report for the last month. I’m still writing that unnamed paranormal romance novel–it’s currently at ~10k words. I’m pretty surprised how fast… Read More

Monthly Update

July was another slow month, but things are moving along. I’m preparing a query package for One With Dragons, though I still haven’t decided if I will submit Godstones to a few publishers who do not require agents before sending OWD queries. DUAT is waiting for our lead editor to recover from wrist surgery, but… Read More

Monthly Update

Last month was pretty slow, but I finished DUAT, which is now in the edits folder and already undergone a few changes. While it is over the original desired word count by a few hundred, the anthology’s chief editor is allowing it due to several people withdrawing! I likely could cut enough to make it… Read More

Dragon WIP off to Betas!

Hello, everyone! I’m excited to share that my Dragon WIP is finally being sent off to the first round of beta readers! If you’re wondering how beta reading works, basically it’s looking for any plot or character improvements. You’d be surprised how often a plot hole is staring a writer in the face, but it… Read More

Writing Update: Dragon WIP Draft 2 Complete!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to say that yesterday evening I finished revisions for draft 2 of my Dragon WIP. This draft ended up just under 100k words thanks to two new chapters and some additional exposition. So, what’s next? I’m moving on to edits! During this process, I mostly check grammar and sentence structure, but… Read More

Dragon WIP Revisions Underway!

Hey guys! So, I wasn’t planning on beginning revisions for this Dragon WIP yet, but I couldn’t help myself, lol. I was reading Clash of Kings to distract myself but only made it 60% through before I got the itch to write again. While my WIP doesn’t have much in common with GRR Martin’s Song… Read More

Dragon WIP Draft 1 Complete!

Yesterday, I wrapped up my first draft of my Dragon WIP at just over 90k words. That’s right, I’ve finally finished it! After a quick run through spellcheck and Grammarly, I am letting this draft sit for a little while before I begin the second draft. I’m not sure how long I will let it… Read More